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Quick Coupling Sprinkler Irrigation

Quick Coupling Sprinkler Irrigation

A reliable, durable, cost-effective alternative to wasteful, costly, and labour-intensive irrigation systems.

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The Benefits of Quick Coupling


An entire line of the system can be moved and assembled single-handedly as it is made from lightweight HDPE, leading to reduced labour.


The system makes use of a latch mechanism that is easy to understand and use, allowing entire lines to be built in just minutes. Fitted with male and female fittings, our Quick Coupling pipes can easily detach and reattach from the system. Two latches along the coupling ensure a quick and hassle-free connection and release. Our Quick Coupling Pipes are light and flexible, allowing for an even easier, faster assembly and disassembly.


The system can be utilised to support other irrigation systems e.g. dragline and dripline systems as lateral lines, or alternatively to be used on its own as a sprinkler system or as main lines for water transportation.


The system consists of HDPE pipes, normally 6m (Afriq Water can manufacture in various pipe lengths). These are joined by ingenious, bright orange quick coupling latch fittings that are highly visible in fields.


These bright orange fittings are friction welded and fitted with gaskets for a tight, leak-proof seal even at low pressures, on uneven or shallow soil conditions, or on steep and sloping contours without causing erosion.

System design

The smooth interior ensures low friction loss, increasing the efficiency of the system. Parts of the system can be changed without having to replace the complete system.


The system has been used for over forty years in all weather conditions. UV-protected and robust, our pipes can withstand sweltering summers, harsh, frozen winters, and everything in between. Uneven landscapes, direct sunlight, and varied African weather pose no challenge to this robust system.

The Benefits of Quick Coupling for Sprinkler Irrigation

  • Farmers can buy one line and use that to irrigate an entire field, picking up and moving the line as the day progresses.
  • Target specific areas for irrigation through the control of valves.
  • Adapt to specific needs with more accurate control of water flow.
  • A wide range of sprinklers can be used according to the needs of the farmer and the crop.
  • Can be used on various crops, and different riser lengths ensure optimal efficiency.
  • 25mm Riser Pipes ensure sufficient flow to the sprinkler.
  • Can be used to wash salt, insects etc from crops.
Afriq Water Quick Coupling Sprinkler Irrigation
Afriq Water Quick Coupling Sprinkler Irrigation
Afriq Water Quick Coupling Sprinkler Irrigation
Quick Coupling
HDPE Pipes

The pipes are fitted with male and female fittings. The pressure rating is PN6 on all pipe.

Quick Coupling HDPE Pipes

Latches onto HDPE Pipe, with an opening at the top for the Riser Pipe to be inserted.

Hydrants / Saddles

Screwed into the Hydrant / Saddle, with a sprinkler screwed onto the Riser Pipe.

Riser Pipes

Elbows, Tee's, Crosses, and Reduction Fittings are ideal for specialised farming designs.

Specialised Fittings