Afriq Water Quick Coupling Irrigation System

Sprinkler Irrigation with Quick Coupling Fittings

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Afriq Water's Quick Coupling irrigation system is a reliable, durable and cost effective irrigation system that offers a cots effective alternative to the old fashioned steel pipe systems.

The system can be utilised to compliment and support other irrigation systems e.g. dragline systems and drip line systems as lateral lines; or alternatively to be used on its own as a sprinkler system or as main lines for water transportation

The smooth interior ensures low frication loss, thus increasing the efficiency of the system. The system consists of pipes, normally 6m (but various pipe lengths available) which are joined by ingenious quick coupling latch fittings.

Afriq Water's Quick Coupling irrigation system

The fittings have gaskets that allows for leak-free joints that can be used in all topographical conditions. The couplings are orange, which assists with visibility in fields. Because the system is manufactured of HDPE it is light weight and can easily be moved and assembled by one person.

Afriq Water's Quick Coupling irrigation system

The system has been used for the past 40 years in all climate conditions, from harsh frozen winters to extremely hot summers. It is UV protected and is very durable; the Southern African weather and direct sunlight poses no challenge for this unique product.

The Quick Coupling System

sprinkler irrigation

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  • Target specific areas for irrigation through the control of valves.
  • Our pipes and fittings are durable and easy to maintain, suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Adapt to specific needs with more accurate control of water flow.
  • System can be used in totality or in part.
  • Wide range of sprinklers can be used according to preferences.
  • Threaded raiser pipes to ensure sufficient flow to the sprinkler.
  • It provides irrigation on uneven and shallow soils.
  • It can be used on steep and sloping contours, without causing erosion.
  • It is lightweight and easily carried leading to reduced labour.
  • Suitable areas can be prepared for seed germination.
  • Can be used for frost protection.
  • Can be used to wash salt, insects etc from crops.
  • Effective control of water.
  • Can eliminate erosion if used effectively.
  • Can be used on various crops, different riser lengths ensure optimal efficiency.
  • System can be easily adapted to changing needs.
  • Wide range of accessories available.
  • Can be used to distribute soluble fertiliser.
  • Parts of the system can be changed without having to replace the complete system.
  • Can be used to supply water to tri pods by means of drag lines.

Design a Sprinkler System

When designing a system layout for the irrigation of a field or area there are some necessary steps that needs to be taken into account during the process.
Here are some important points to consider:

  • Calculate the available water to ensure that you use what is available. Do not overdesign the system. Typically using a centre feed layout is more efficient than using a side feed design, the biggest advantage being the shorter laterals ensuring reduced friction losses that could cause uneven water distribution.
  • Determine the maximum amount of sprinklers that could be fed with the available water. Divide the available water with the flow rate of the sprinklers as supplied by the sprinkler manufacturer. For example: water available is 4750 l/hr, the flow rate of the sprinkler is 1400 l/hr, 4750/1400 = 3.39. The max amount of sprinklers that could be supplied is 3. If need be to increase or decrease the flow the nozzle size could be adjusted.
  • Measure the lateral length of the area to be irrigated. Divide the length of the area by the radius of the sprinkler. Area = 100m, radius of the sprinkler is 15m, 100/15 = 6.66, this is increased to the next full number being 7 in this case. To determine the amount of sprinklers needed, deduct 1 from this number being 6. If a centre feed system are used two sides of 3 sprinklers will be sufficient. Using a centre feed system shortens the laterals. A side feed system would also have required 6 sprinklers from the main line but the longer laterals would cause more friction loss, maybe requiring thicker laterals and main line.
  • If the water supply is not enough to supply the 6 sprinklers needed the line could be split into two sections at the cross where the laterals join the main line by means of a cross valve. The line will be split into two 3 sprinkler lines. Another option is to decrease or increase the nozzle sizes to optimize the available water; the number of sprinklers needed to fit the lateral length needed could be increased or decreased. Reducing or increasing the pressure could adjust the radius of the sprinkler affecting the spacing.
  • The laterals are spaced at the same distance than the radius of the sprinkler along the main line. The laterals and the layout of the laterals are kept uniformly parallel along the main line. More than one row of laterals could be used together if the water supply is sufficient, this could shorten the irrigation time schedule.

Afriq Water's Quick Coupling irrigation system

Filters can extend the life of and lower the maintenance
of your sprinkler system

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The Quick Coupling System

pipes and fittings with latches

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HDPE PE100 PN6 Pipes

The Quick Coupling System is sealed with a lip gasket for a leak proof connection even at low pressure and two or more latches ensures a quick and hassle free connection and release.

The Quick Coupling Irrigation pipes and fittings are light and flexible and this provides easier assembly. It is not effected by harmful UV radiation.


The pipes are manufactured from high quality HDPE raw virgin materials.

The pipes are fitted with male and female fittings that are easily detachable, allowing one person to move a complete system alone. The pressure rating is PN6 on all pipe.


Quick Coupling Fittings

All Quick Coupling Fittings are available in a wide range of sizes, including reducions

quick coupling fittings

... descriptions

1.a - Hydrant
1.b - S-connection
1.c - Tee-connection
1.d - Elbow
1.e - Cross
1.f - Reduction
1.g - End cups (male and female)
1.h - Spherical line valve

Pump connections

pump connections

  • Metal threaded plastic pump connection male/female
  • Plastic threaded plastic pump connection male/female
  • Aluminium pump connection male/female
  • Metal pump connection male/female

Afriq Water also has a range of Sprinkler Heads available for your Sprinkler Irrigation System

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